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Camp Fire Recovery is a ministry in partnership with Paradise Alliance Church tasked with the purpose of reaching out to people effected by the wildfire in Paradise California called the Camp Fire (Nov 8, 2018). Over 10,500 homes were demolished and over 85 peoples lives were taken as a result of this disaster. After the fire, families have had to relocate and the few whose homes survived are stuck living among the rubble. Our desire is to see all these families land on their feet in the most healthy way imaginable. Our desire is also to see Paradise and the surrounding communities thrive as they are built back up to a beautiful town beyond what it was.

Everyone's story of how they were effected by the fire is truly a story of trauma, tragedy and despair. The purpose of this site is to bring hope and healing to all who have had to go through this terrible event and are daily faced with decisions of where to go next. Please look for resources to help you through your current circumstances. Look for events that might give you inspiration and hope. Partner with us in volunteering with our many outreach programs, or partner with us by helping financially. 

Thank You

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another!"   -Charles Dickens

Our Mission

Putting God's love into action by reaching out to people so together we can rebuild families, rebuild community and rebuild Hope!

Our Mission

Our Vision

A thriving community brought together by thriving people!

We Need Your Support Today!

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